My carb cycling trial during 17jul11 to 23jul11.

When I started on 17jul11, I was 52.0kg(114lbs), 17% (159cm height).
I'm female, 46 year old, was born in 1965.
After 4 days, one cycle, on 21jul11, I was 51.0kg, 13.2%.

You may not recognize the difference so much. But usually my skin fold caliper measure at abdominals is 8cm. After one cycle of carb cycling (3 low carb days and 1 high carb day), it went to 6cm and my body fat started to decreas so much that I stopped carb cycling.

I just wanted to try how effective carb cycling is and did not want to lose body fat so much. I'm pretty happy with 17-19%

So my conclusion is carb cycling is very effective for woman's fat loss.

But first she has to drop her body fat with usual Scooby's fat loss plan to 19% and get 6 packed abs and learn nutrition well. And if she thinks it's necesary and has good reasons to lose more fat like competition, she can try carb cycling to lose fat further and get more shredded. 
Below is my meal plan and calorie/macro nutrient details. Scooby's recommended meal plan have ingredients that are not available in Japan. So I created my own meal plan. 
Please refer Scooby's Advanced Fat loss page, or carb cycling for more details
Download excel sheet here
My carbo cycling of 2011
Protein Oats and Goma
Egg white, yogurt, broccoli and quinoa
Code Steak
Grilled Chicken and Moyashi
If any question, please feel free to ask at or
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